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CEA Spa. keevitusseadmete tootja uuendab plasmalõikeseadmeid ja võtab kasutusele uuendatud kaubamärgi


Juba selle aasta lõpul võetakse 30 aastase kogemuste alusel kasutusele uus kaubamärk

* Kõik plasmalõikeseadmed  vahetatakse välja uue põlvkonna CEA SHARK seadmete vastu.

SHARK power sources represent an efficient solution for the cutting of any metal and perforated lamination sheets. Electronic control, coupled with
inverter precision and flexibility, always provides the most correct parameters in order to obtain the highest quality cut depending on the thickness
and type of material being cut.

SHARK range new SK torches for manual cutting and SKM for CNC automation allow cuts without high frequency for arc striking, thus reducing external
disturbances to the environment.

SHARK power sources, powerful and fitted with professional high flow air circuit, ensure perfect cuts.
• Electronic control for excellent cutting quality
• Professional high flow air circulation
• Pilot arc torch
• Possibility of cutting grates and perforated lamination sheets
• Possibility of contact cutting with currents lower than 50 A, without any guiding device or other spacers.
• Regulator group with built-in filter and air impurity automatic expulsion
• Easy to read and adjust sloping front control panel, highly visible from any direction
• Metallic main structure with shockproof fibre compound front frames and control panel protected against accidental impact
• Electrical protection device on the torch to ensure operator’s maximum safety